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BD Patil and Company is a leading supplier and exporter of byadgi chilli, kashmiri chilli and other varieties of chilli. Since 80 years of strong presence in the market has created a niche for themselves in manufacturing red chilli powder to the customers throughout India and outside India. they are known for procurement of farm fresh chillies from quality growers. The core objective of BD Patil and company is to meet customers demand by supplying quality red chilli powder known for its pungent taste, color and freshness.

kashmiri chilli

Chilli is the most imperative and integral part of any cooking be it red or green, making any bland food palatable is done by this magical spice. Indian food is incomplete without bright red chilli/chilli powder especially B D. Patil’s kashmiri red chilli. We need to pep up our cuisine with these red hot chillies, the red wine color, aroma and taste will all together take you to another world. This type of chilli is gentle in heat and flavorsome. The structure is rounded and small in size, wrinkled, quite broad and available in different pungency level. Adding chilli powder to any dish will make it more appealing and the taste will

Kashmiri red chilli are popularly called as kashmiri mirch, degi mirch packed in different quantities, when this special ingredient is added to any recipe the heat, aroma draws anybody towards it which is truly magical. They are available in wide varieties; farmers sell their produce of different types of chilli ranging from taste, size, aroma, hot and pungent taste, color, quality and price. They are stocked in almost all the grocery stores, retail stores, super markets, and big markets.

In other countries they are termed as paprika and it is used mainly for presentation than its taste. This differs from cayenne chilli pepper and other peppers on the Scoville scale as it is on the milder side with regards to hotness. There wouldn’t be any compromise when you over do your dish with these hot red chillies. Name any dish Indian, Continental, Italian, Chinese, and Thai or any other for that matter they use kashmiri red chillies. Nowadays huge markets are arranged for sellers and buyers, the farmers growing organic chilli will get a grater platform to sell their quality produce and buyers will get better deal.

To get that bright red color earlier food dye were used not it is replaced with kashmiri red chillies as they give out deep red color to any dish such as tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, Rogan gosh, they are even used in preparing mango, lime and mixed pickles which can be stored for several months. They are grown in abundance to supply Pan India and even exported to other countries.

Festivals, weddings and other social events cannot do without red chilli powder, it is the king of spice and cannot be ignored, adding of this spice will only double the taste of any dish for which accolades are guaranteed. From years ago this spice has blended well in all the cuisines giving the foodie a mesmerizing taste, this can be added to sauces, pickles, curry paste, red chilli chutney, vegetable dishes, sambar powder, soups and many more edible dishes. They are packed in hygienic environment and sealed for freshness and quality.

Care is taken to greater level in terms of harvesting, plucking, drying, grinding and packing. It can be stored whole or powdered in air tight jar to use whenever you feel the need.


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